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Profilitec performs extraordinary feats to satisfy the multitudes of its customers with increasingly precise and detailed talking lists. every time all the necessary product information. The drafting of the final document is really an adventure, which can last for many months.

From one end of the land to the other, the heroic marketing staff of the company describe in minute detail thousands and thousands of different products. The epics of each new document are always spoken from the beginning, with patience, and they speak to the people of every language. The effort that Profilitec must make to keep product information alive and updated has become legend.

With EKR, Profilitec chooses to abandon the slowness of traditional data recovery and the exhaustion of manual layout. It organizes a single centralized database and connects it to an automatic pagination system. Product information, always consistent, from errant singers becomes reliable witnesses. EKR With EKR the exploits of Profilitec lose the plot of the myth to conquer the substance of history.

A story that is written every day today and that tomorrow will resist the folds of time. A modern, codified, detailed, preserved, precise, changeable, immense story. To be consulted quickly, minimizing errors and reducing publication time. The story of a deep knowledge of a finally shared and flexible product. Always and only one.

Said from you

Alessandro Fabris

Marketing Manager of Profilitec Spa

With EKR we reduce the list publication time by 90%!

Of course, you first need to build a solid process in which to enter all the product data, to then have the advantage of such lower timing. We had 12 versions of our talking price list and needed at least 8 months to complete the graphic files and to print the customized price list for each version, updated with prices and images. When it ended, only a few months and the list was already old! Today with EKR, always updating the database, technically in two weeks we complete all

We have decided to implement the EKR software so that it becomes the management and collection system for all Profilitec product information, so that we can distribute the same contents on different platforms and on different tools, working with homogeneous and always updated data. The price list was the first goal, but now we will continue with the technical catalog and the website developed with the same logic.

Before that, I am a big fan of innovative IT tools and I really believe in it. 19 years ago the first job as Marketing Manager in a well-known company in the Vicenza area – Alban Giacomo Spa – was the implementation of a pager automatic to list the company that could no longer print due to too much data to update. One of the first experiences in Veneto with a program then created in Visual Basic. I know this type of logic very well and I share it in every detail.

How was EKR implemented in the company? In every reality there are the comfort zones, and to implement EKR at the beginning is impacting, imposes a change of thought and processes and change the uses and customs of the corporate departments. So it is very important that the decision makers believe in it: whether they are the managers or the managing director, who has to make the investment and who has to deal with it at the level of responsibility must be convinced. Looking at the advantages of tomorrow and not the many small changes you have to face in everyday life. We need to look forward to the next commercial development. Need a list in a different language or with different prices for a new distributor: that’s enough to have the prices on an Excel sheet and the new translations, and in just a few clicks the list will be ready.
Personally I would recommend EKR a all, except my competitors! A system for data centralization and its automatic layout, with templates that allow you to manage it quickly … today there is no modern company that does not use it .



Profiles for floors and walls and systems and solutions for laying tiles, marble, stone, wood and vinyl floors


Profilitec Spa was founded in the 60s, the first company in Italy to produce flooring profiles. The main office is in Isola Vicentina. It is present in over 70 countries worldwide with a network of over 10,000 distributors and resellers, and from 2016 with a branch in North America. Three are the cornerstones of Profilitec’s mission: excellent logistics that sees 98% of orders shipped in 48 hours, product and range of products thanks to a dedicated Research and Development team, Academy with continuous customer training.


192 page product list with over 6000 items

in 9 language variants

catalog with technical sheets of over 600 pages – work in progress

website: product area – work in progress

marketing area

product development area

commercial area


1 full time marketing department resource

1 marketing office resource in support


90% reduction in the timeframe for price lists

product data always correct and updated

centralized database linked to automatic layouts

uniformity of data on all the different destinations


Building materials

Scope of activity: international market


  • Products
  • Floor profiles
  • Step profiles
  • Profiles for coatings
  • Expansion joints
  • Perimeter profiles for terraces
  • Membranes for ceramic laying
  • Skirting boards and wall protections
  • Accessories and complements for installation
  • Drainage systems

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