The legend becomes history

Fracarro draws up the catalogs of its technological products along a rather traditional route, known to most. Like the fathers of their fathers, the captains of the company know where to go. They collect and organize thousands of product information by following methods already traced on the maps and verified over time by someone else before them.

The sailors of Fracarro know the route by heart: in the shade of the sails woven in Word and PDF they always feel safe. Even when the storms of endless translations are brought down on them, because they are used to it. Even when the tedium of days and days is spent on the bridge in exhausting manual checks, with the imprecise broom of copy and paste.

And yet, we could try something different. There must be a way to achieve the same goals faster and better. Turning the rudder you could spot alternative management systems, able to bring order and return value to the hours of navigation. Fracarro with EKR can imagine better workflows, like new horizons yet to be discovered.

Reversing the route is not easy. The time to prepare the business is long: someone doubts and is discouraged by the news. But the captains know how to involve the crew and make them feel the true main character of the adventure. The company raises the anchor to pursue the wind of change that is now rising, and blowing strong. Together with EKR, Fracarro’s caravels set sail to conquer a new world of integrated information management.

The rest of the story is still to be written, and it’s all in their sails.

Said from you

Daniela Caverzan

Communication Specialist of Fracarro Radioindustrie Srl

We were forced to order!

EKR has made us an involuntary service: we have been forced to reorganize all the product information scattered in the various company containers. It was a hard and important job that brought us many satisfactions.

The main challenge of the EKR system in my opinion is cultural. Being always used to managing things in a certain way, the rock is not easy. Two years ago we were perfectly aware of the company. It is not easy to ask the working group: instead of writing in Word, you can enter the data in this EKR cell? The doubt is … why? I have always done so. The biggest difficulty was the very idea of ​​change.

We said ok, we embark. More than two years ago not everyone was really convinced, also because at the beginning we proceed slowly. The passage in this world has been long. But now we see the fruits and we see that we have built more solid bases than we had before. We were brave! Just like facing a journey … and it’s not over yet!



reception and distribution of signals, active security


Founded in 1933, Fracarro is today one of the most important European companies in the area of reception and distribution of audio video data signals and active safety. The synergy between the two sectors allows Fracarro to offer integrated solutions for buildings and smart homes, committing to guarantee the highest quality of design and assistance. The main office is in Italy, in Castelfranco Veneto, but Fracarro operates in all 5 continents through subsidiaries and distributors.


marketing catalogs with 1200 products in English and French

Spanish – Portuguese – Greek will follow … and who knows what new horizons!

website: product area – work in progress

product data sheets – work in progress

marketing office

IT office

product manager


2 marketing department resources

1 IT office resource dedicated to the website

3 product manager for content entry


product data always correct in every document

interaction and collaboration between different company departments

speed of translations into foreign languages

ease in distributing coherent info to external partners

because the best trips are those that know how to change you


Solutions for terrestrial, satellite, cable and data television

Security, anti-theft, video control and iot solutions

Scope of activity: international market


  • Antennas
  • Satellite dishes
  • Pole and indoor electronics
  • Head power units
  • Optic fiber
  • Multiswitch
  • Distribution components
  • Measurement tools
  • Safety Products:
  • Wired anti-intrusion
  • Wireless anti-intrusion
  • IP video surveillance
  • AHD video surveillance

Material made with EKR

Company Profile

Product Guide

Case History

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