It is a delicate phase and must be carried out with particular attention to understand who has the information and how to organize it to make the most of it.

In the analysis phase, it is essential that the company brings to the table of EKR analysts the broadest set of documents created in the traditional way up to before the start of the project. By analyzing them, it is possible to detect a large part of the data structure that will have to be organized, but it is even more important to understand the ownership of the information, and therefore highlight who is responsible for creating and modifying the information contained in the documents. In the analysis activity we get to build a map of the meaning of information and ownership, defining in an informal way and gradually more and more formalized which are the processes that through the owners feed the various domains of information.

The results of the analysis activity are typically three tools: a tree of labels, which becomes the map of the Info Warehouse, a tree of the hierarchy, which provides the cross reference structure of what the company produces, and a project document, in other sectors called Business Blueprint, BBP, which specifies the activities that will be carried out, the configuration or extension needs of the system, allowing to produce a guide for the realization of the following phases.

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