Production of refrigerated counters for large-scale distribution, based in Campo San Martino (PD)


International leader in the design, production and installation of refrigeration systems in the retail sector.


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60 Technical Flyers: covering hundreds of product configurations, developed over several thousand different lengths

1 PimPortal: internal consultation portal for employees and suppliers with the entire EKR Knowledge Base freely available

1 site: built with HubSpot and powered by EKR’s PIM

Sending data to the European portal Eprel and realisation of energy labels thanks to EKR data

Production of data sheets in an automated way with the data in the PIM


Arneg is an Italian reality, with important dimensions. In fact, it has established itself as a leading company in retail refrigeration for large-scale distribution.

With its continuous development, the company has accumulated a wealth of information. Searching for it in Arneg follows a very specific path. When one has to search for a piece of data, one has to directly contact the specific person who is aware of that data one needs as only he is able to provide it. This, over time, slows down the process, compromising the structure of the products, losing their definitions and resulting in a non-optimised internal communication and a less effective approach to the market than desired. This shortcoming also reflects negatively on the coordination activities between the various offices: Marketing Department, Technical Department and sales network, limiting the company’s ability to act effectively and organically.

Arneg is aware that in a competitive industry such as retail, the ability to quickly provide accurate and detailed information is critical to its business success.

To overcome these challenges, he set to work and started looking for solutions until he came across EKR and its method.

By adopting EKR ORCHESTRA, the all-in-one knowledge management platform, Arneg is able to achieve a single repository for product information, centralising it, making it easily accessible to all departments in the company, without wasting time each time searching, asking and waiting for the right person, and greatly improving internal efficiency. Thus, starting from the technical department, a systematic collection of information is initiated, generating an immediate impact on production and an optimal product structure.

Once the logics were defined, Arneg expanded the use of the EKR ORCHESTRA platform, achieving many other important goals, such as the production of technical leaflets with dimensional data and promotional brochures, which are essential for marketing and sales activities. It also creates a consultation portal open to the company and its suppliers, where they can consult what is in the database.

One of the most important milestones is embracing the portal for the European labelling system ‘Eprel’. Thanks to the product data included in EKR, Arneg obtains Energy Labels automatically, guaranteeing compliance with European regulations.

Building on this experience, Arneg also started to move into other media and integrated the EKR ORCHESTRA with the company’s website, created with HubSpot ensuring that product information was constantly updated and consistent across all channels.

Finally, Arneg further expanded its network and succeeded with EKR in completely revolutionising its website, which now mirrors the true essence of Arneg.

By putting himself to the test and achieving a great deal, building on his experience with EKR, Arneg is able to put things in order, to satisfy all possible automation requests from both the Marketing and Technical departments. It is thus overcoming its own challenges related to information dispersion. It is increasing its competitiveness and achieving all its goals, preparing for the future in a rapidly changing market.

A complex but always updated budget book

For years Arneg’s budget was drawn up with conventional manual systems (word and indesign) and its management required many resources.

Tighter and shorter deadlines, continuous variations and increasingly high graphic requirements required an effort in the creation of a seemingly simple document.

The method of creating the balance sheet for Arneg Spa was very different from the management of the consolidated balance sheet of the Arneg Group.

While the descriptive parts were being written, the numbers within the texts themselves and the tables changed quite frequently.


Complete budget in certain times

The creation of the budget in a short and certain time was a fundamental requirement for Arneg.

It was essential to keep under control the many numbers coming from the different sources without any manual intervention.

It was necessary to produce the budget in a precise manner and within a defined time frame to be ready for the board of directors and the shareholders’ meeting.

Arneg needed a system capable of guaranteeing a certain level of accuracy to obtain a budget with high quality graphics.

Solutions and benefits with EKR

EKR-PIM with the Business Reporting module

For the realization of the balance book, Arneg adopted EKR-PIM with the Business Reporting module.

The Business Reporting module allows you to dynamically link the set of tables containing the balance sheet data and integrate the numerical values ​​within the texts.

The tables coming from the ERP and their individual numbers have a direct integration within the EKR-PIM objects.

As the numerical values ​​contained in the financial statements tables change, the individual and aggregate data contained in the notes to the financial statements and in the management report are updated continuously.

Benefits EKR-PIM

Immediate updating of all data, connected to the management system.

Reduction of the time needed to create an articulated budget.

High quality graphics output.

Perfect quality layout.


Refrigeration systems for supermarkets

Scope of activity: international market

Ekr in this area


  • Refrigerated furniture.
  • Non refrigerated furniture.
  • Hot tables.
  • Cooling systems.
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