Digital transformation
The pervasiveness of digitization now affects every reality. Creating, organizing and managing data while keeping up with change is imperative.

The digital transformation activity is a change management activity.

In the management of product data, both for technical and marketing needs, all companies use methods that have been consolidated over the years. Although they are functional, up to a certain point effective and extremely well-run, according to the way of “doing this for years” has become the reference rule, they are often very inefficient and contain many aspects that can be improved.

However, when business challenges become much larger and more complex in a logic of globalization, the “I’ve always done this” mode begins to shake and be questioned.

The need for a presence in an ever wider number of languages, for a growing segmentation of products and regulations that require ever more precise, more competitive detail and information, force us to adopt a new working method.

It is important that in this path there are sensitive, prepared, flexible consultants, able to support the evolution of entire offices, who are called to start working in a different way; unhinging existing habits is one of the most challenging parts of a digital transformation process.

EKR has gained considerable experience in numerous industrial sectors, heritage of the various consultants who follow the projects, which allows companies to carry out this evolution path in a guided and progressive way, without being invasive. In this way we avoid creating friction and dysfunctions within the company and its offices, with the clear goal of an evolution that always leads the company, in a period of a few months, or even in larger projects. a few years, to arrive at a scenario of greater efficiency and effectiveness. These advantages can be found in the three activities of creation, research and dissemination of product information, in a way that is not even minimally comparable to the artisanal method linked to the tradition of “I’ve always done this”.

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