Technology partners
Make the most of the possibilities offered by integration with Adobe technology, Altova XMLSpy and SAP HANA

Adobe’s technology is fully exploited in Static off-line media. The Creative Suite is seamlessly integrated into the EKR Orchestra platform. In particular InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

Altova is the company that developed XMLSpy, one of the most popular tools for managing everything related to XML. EKR and Altova have been collaborating together for many years. EKR provides certified training and sells Altova products when needed. Altova’s instruments are used within EKR Orchestra projects.

EKR orchestra (HANAPIM) is the first certified PIM solution on the SAP HANA platform. Thanks to the skills of the developers of EKR and EKR Orchestra, it can exploit the SAP HANA database to obtain the maximum synergy with the SAP platforms based on this powerful database.

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