Legacy systems integration
EKR Orchestra integrates perfectly with SAP ERPs, both R / 3 and S / 4HANA, and with CRM, PLM and other Databases already present in the company, resulting in numerous advantages.

In most EKR Orchestra projects, integration with one or more master systems already present in the company is required with part of the information. 

EKR is perfectly integrated with SAP ERPs, both R / 3 and S / 4HANA, but also with CRM, PLM and other databases in the company.

In the analysis phase – working on the label tree and the hierarchy tree – it is defined whether some information should remain within the previous systems as a master. If this happens it is important that there is a live connection, in real time between the PIM and the master systems. 

Typical cases are pricing, the configuration of the first levels of BOM (Bill of Materials, bill of materials in Italian) which specifies which are the components that build a certain machine or a given product. Another type of integration is the presence and visibility for marketing needs of some products within specific geographical areas. The integration with concepts such as the SAP ERP Sales Organization allows Smart Documents to produce catalogs configured based on the presence or absence of certain items within states in which, for example, there are patent or non-competition constraints with other products.

In some cases the integration of both incoming and outgoing with CRM environments allows, for example, to support the service activity with important information regarding the functional breakdown of the machine, to help the technician logically place a ticket within the structure functional of the same, without having to reinvent names or parts of it that would then not correspond with the real structure. On the other hand, the technician himself can access in real time through the integration made with the EKR platform to all product information, typically distributed before EKR in tens or hundreds of technical documents or manuals, created in PDF format or managed. in Excel, but not accessible in real time.

When a integration is made between these CRM or After-sales platforms and the EKR platform, those involved in After-sales have the possibility to access in real time a set of unimaginable information up to before.

Another integration scenario is the possibility of enhancing the world of preventive maintenance – all the maintenance logic typically formalized only within the maintenance tables of the use and maintenance manuals. All the information contained in these very important parts can be used by downstream systems for the planning of maintenance interventions, ensuring maximum consistency between the data present in the official product documentation – technical manuals delivered to the customer – and the proposals for maintenance plans. which could be provided to the customer, or used as a basis for predictive maintenance processes (industry 4.0).

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