Content structuring
Correct structuring of contents leads to considerable savings in terms of time and a great gain in the efficiency of business processes.

An important part of EKR Orchestra’s projects is the transformation of a part or all of the information contents previously managed in an unstructured way, into contents organized in a structured, ordered and centralized way. Like the transition from a bazaar with goods arranged in a chaotic way, to an orderly warehouse.

The general synthesis of an EKR Orchestra project is precisely that of transforming the company from a bazaar to an info-warehouse, making orderly and efficient what was previously messy and inefficient.

Content structuring is often a very challenging but extremely important phase of the process. In fact, it allows you to move from a documentary approach, with contents scattered in redundant documents, often inconsistent and whose ownership is not clearly defined, to an organized information structure. This allows you to obtain all the advantages of the disclosure and accessibility of information offered by EKR Orchestra.

In some situations, the content structuring activity takes the form of the creation of the first structured documents that will replace the latest edition of those built manually. An example of this is starting from a catalog of 1000 pages created in InDesign, using the result of the analysis – the label tree and the hierarchy tree – to follow the information structuring logic. Then there will be the transfer of all the contents present in the catalog within the information warehouse according to the order described in the two trees. Finally, a document qualitatively and aesthetically identical to the original one will be created with EKR Selector, integrated with InDesign, but produced by giving shape to structured contents in a complete and flexible way, neatly collected in a single centralized database.

In other cases, the content structuring activity is limited to the organization of the contents, the formalization of processes, and their implementation, as well as the possibility of accessing information organized through the PIM Portal. The company will thus have the guarantee of the correctness of the information contained in EKR, and of the effectiveness in terms of descriptive capacity. These organized contents, immediately accessible in the online mode of the portal, become the basis for the creation of all the offline tools gradually developed by the company from that moment on.

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