Rigor in the structuring of data, but also flexibility in their organization and publication: an efficient management waiting to be discovered.

When a company begins its journey with EKR Orchestra, it must first begin to adopt the language of EKR, which is very rigorous, but allows all the levels of flexibility necessary to describe the data structures and processes present. in the company. This is the first stage of the training: start speak the same language.

Then we analyze the result of the analysis, and we begin to understand what role and what are the tools of the EKR Orchestra suite that will then have to be used in the various phases of the work: content creation and maintenance, content aggregation, document assembly. dynamic or static or dynamic output configuration.

Depending on the type of activity to be carried out, every single person involved in the training will be trained in a different way, specifically based on the method of use most suited to their needs. Different aspects of the various tools will also be explored (link to the product menu), depending on the processes in which those who work on this project will be involved and the type of information they will have to manage.

Each person, each information owner will have a specific tool for managing their information, designed for the type of information itself and for the process that involves it.

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