Smart document creation
Dynamic and connected to the EKR-PIM database, it can be published on different media: from InDesign (PDF) to Web and Tablet (HTML5), up to Responsive (HTML Mapped)

A central and unique element of the EKR Orchestra scenario is the use of Smart Documents.

A part of EKR’s services is represented by the creation at the prototype level, or production starting point, of Smart Documents in the technical and marketing fields, correctly created and configured in the manner initially established. The Smart Document is the tool that is halfway between the technical data, the granular information, the graphic properties of the tools, the graphic properties of InDesign, as well as the geometric and configured or conditional management of contents.

A typical case of use of Smart Document in manuals is the possibility of creating only one for an entire line of machines that produces in output several tens or hundreds of finished manuals, according to model variants, version of the product, localization, up to variants by serial number. The Smart Document is the tool that allows you to follow the evolution of the product, and ensure that the communication of information relating to the same is extremely timely and in line with the customer’s expectations.

The creation of Smart Documents correctly is part of the services offered by EKR and its team of consultants. To create high quality Smart Documents, a good competence in the use of the Adobe platform is required – of which EKR is a partner – and EKR allows you to use the fundamental tools of Adobe such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in the best and most integrated way possible. communication flow; this is done with a high level of efficiency and maximum effectiveness.

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