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260 User and Repair Manuals in 24 languages

84 Product sheets in 5 languages

36 Product brochures in 14 languages

3 Price lists on 7 markets

3 Catalogues in 7 languages

1 CMS Site in 5 languages

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Fabio Vedovato

Product documentation specialist

In 2014, we realised that duplication and renaming of InDesign files was no longer working. The volume of templates and changes had created delays in the production of manuals and price lists and we were in danger of losing ground in the market. An innovative solution had to be found.

And so EKR arrived, with a PIM+CCMS solution that met our needs. But the transition was not easy: the document production department suffered an initial slowdown due to the transition to the new system. Eventually, however, the new platform was adopted and document creation skyrocketed!

Thanks to EKR’s CCMS, we now have a single file format for high resolutions and an enterprise-approved folder structure.

But that’s not all: the project manager no longer makes us print out the complete manual and then correct it in red pen, but sends us a machine questionnaire that uses a condition file with over 1800 parameters to filter out valid information for the manual of that specific machine.

And so, after years of effort, we now have an efficient system that allows us to produce manuals and price lists faster than ever before. 

There is no more need to retouch every single file, nor to waste time on layout maintenance. We are loaded with new operability and ready to meet the needs of the market!


Full Welding Solutions – Equipment, technology, software and know-how for welding.

Scope of Activities: International Market


  • Coated electrodes
  • Equipment
  • Torches
  • TIG welding
  • Animated wire
  • Continuous wire
  • Submerged arc welding
  • Finishing chemicals
  • Personal protection
  • Arc welding management
  • 3D Printing

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