How are you facing the new Omnichannel marketing challenges?
In a world that is multichannel and omnichannel, do you still work with disorganized information? It is essential to rely on a platform that allows you to manage channels and means in a synergistic and organized manner.

The production and management of countless outputs and maintaining a balance between graphics and content are the main difficulties it faces. EKR manages the contents in different variants, at lower costs and times and guaranteeing graphic quality.

  • Safeguard the data.

Are you fumbling with the information you need to manage?

The information that surrounds you are many, scattered on multiple platforms and managed by various people who create different versions; this poses significant risks to the accuracy of the data. Checking its reliability and having to remember to make changes everywhere wastes precious time.

  • Integrated management of product information.

Do you need integrated product information management?

The presence on multiple channels and media will be easy to organize and keep under control for an optimal result, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.

  • Marketing without borders.

EKR Orchestra and multichannel and omnichannel information management.

With EKR Orchestra managing data at an omnichannel and multichannel level becomes easy and effective. You will have the possibility to create contents free from the rigid distinction between online and offline: simplify your work with a centralized database that can be used at 360 °.

Said from you

Fabio Invernizzi

Marketing Manager of Elesa Spa

Before EKR there was a lot of manual work to do.

We had a database that exported data and then worked with InDesign. The work was really expensive because it had to be repeated by hand for all other languages.

The challenge was to be able to paginate a catalog of thousands of pages of products, of which different ones required the integration of particular contents, with the consequent obligation to modify the standard structure of the pages themselves. EKR is made right for this, even though we had to take it to the limit and ask for additional features that have been implemented to achieve the goal. The goal is to completely eliminate manual intervention and we are very close to this result.

It was a complex project that took a lot of time and energy. Initially, for example, we could not manage the more specific cards: now it is running at full speed and we have really very limited the final adjustments. Not to mention that the same information must also flow into the web. With EKR we were able to automate a large part of the process, and this was the focus.

with Federica Sena, Marketing Department of Elesa Spa

EKR is really handy for translations.

First we wrote more freehand. Now instead we try to pursue a certain consistency thanks to the system that pushes us to maintain a certain uniformity in the proposal of both sentences that are repeated for different products, and in the choice of terminology. With EKR we produce similar, more standardized information to be able to quickly reuse the translations.

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