From the feuds to the roundtable

Came Group is a kingdom so structured that it has to distribute the information of its legendary heritage of products in the many fiefdoms of the different departments. Perched on so many hills, the regents of the various corporate departments autonomously administer data and values ​​to produce a huge amount of technical and marketing documents.

In years and years of work, each fiefdom of the company retains its treasure chest of precious contents, drawn up and articulated in a unique way. Stacks of courageous messengers continuously ride from hill to hill carrying summaries and revisions . But the travel parchments fade, the heralds are lost, the characteristics of the same product multiply and do not match.

EKR PIM builds a powerful roundtable for Came Group to unify its immense product knowledge, both epic and fragmented. Manual copy and paste errors are defeated by the shining swords of centralized management. Each content dwells at that table, and is updated simultaneously on any different media.

The rulers of the different fiefdoms are appointed knights and they solemnly swear to share all information. Fire affects their names and surnames so that they remain for centuries. With EKR PIM all the Came Group champions finally speak the same language and defend the kingdom together, to ensure harmony and prosperity.

Said from you

Massimiliano Tesser

Chief Information & Logistics Officer di Came Group Spa

I assisted and coordinated the introduction of EKR PIM in Came Group from day one.

It is not always an easy task. In Came Group EKR PIM is an interdepartmental project and therefore brings out the organizational complexity of each different department. He could drown at any time … but we’re doing it!

The key advantages of the system? First of all have a single repository ordered for all the info. Then, clearly define the names and surnames of the managers. Third, the updates: when a datum changes, it varies in any media.

In the initial phase there was also a review of the data structures, EKR PIM eliminated the duplication of some categories and caused the redefinition of others: the appetite comes with eating and we took the opportunity to improve our information !

After catalogs and manuals, we have extended EKR PIM to the web world. We are exploiting the advantages of an effective Product Information Management to turn ours into a real product site.

EKR PIM takes away the individual’s ownership on some business processes in favor of sharing, and for me it is a great advantage. If the person holding that piece of information is missing, the others cannot go on, you have to wait for them to come back from illness or holidays because the necessary data are in his hands. EKR PIM instead leads to work for the company, not for the individual.

I recommend EKR PIM as a solution for the single source of truth (the only source of correct information, D.R.R.) to those who have the desire and interest to really put order on the flow of information in the company, dividing it between the various managers.



solutions for automation and access control


In over 60 years of passion CAME GROUP has become a reference brand and global partner of solutions for the automation, control and security of residential, public and urban environments. Today the Group has more than 1,400 employees worldwide. The heart beats in the Dosson di Casier headquarters, the nerve center of the entire engineering, but the various production plants are located in strategic points to integrate the quality of Made in Italy with the best European technologies.


catalogs produced in 6 language variants

50 types of technical manuals in 6 language variants

product sheets

website: product area – work in progress

software strings in language variants – work in progress

product manager

IT department

marketing department

technical documentation department

R&D department


8 product manager

2 IT resources

4 marketing department resources

4 technical documentation office resources

12 R&D office resources


flexibility in the production of custom documents

advanced graphics and impeccable quality

dynamic language management

content always correct and updated in every media

because everyone admires the knights of the round table


Solutions for automation and access control

Scope of activity: international market


  • Automations.
  • Automation for awnings, shutters and shutters.
  • Home automation and security.
  • Parking, access control and turnstiles.
  • Copper pipes

Material made with EKR


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