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EPTA is a leading European manufacturer of commercial refrigeration, offering an extensive product offering.

EPTA, like many companies in the HVACR sector, traditionally produces the energy labels for its products manually, as well as all the manuals and information. However, this approach is time-consuming and contributes to a decrease in the synergy between the various offices, such as the technical documentation and technical department. Moreover, recent European legislation has led EPTA to change its approach.

Since EPTA’s values are centred on extreme product quality, optimal internal efficiency, a correct information culture, reduced translation costs and above all information ownership, EPTA began to look for innovative solutions.

It was in this context that EPTA met EKR and decided to adopt the all-in-one ‘EKR ORCHESTRA’ platform.

Thanks to EKR ORCHESTRA, much of EPTA’s product information is now efficiently structured. The integration of technical documents and energy labels across the entire product range and all production plants optimises the product information management flow.

EKR ORCHESTRA can simultaneously create and update information as products evolve. This ensures the timely production of energy labels and provides accurate information to other agencies, promoting strong synergy between various offices.

EPTA, with EKR, achieves a company growth in a short period of time, guaranteeing and further strengthening the quality of its products, which has always been its focus.



Scope of activity: international market

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  • Refrigerated furniture.
  • Non refrigerated furniture.
  • Hot tables.
  • Cooling systems.
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