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Ogni azienda che produce, assembla, importa o distribuisce prodotti contenenti sostanze pericolose in quantità superiore al solo 0,1 per cento in peso, ha l’obbligo di notifica all’ECHA.

Managing at best the product information with EKR Orchestra is simple: the Portal platform PIM DAM CMS will optimize your technical and marketing communication.

Putting the product information in order makes it possible to make the entire company supply chain more efficient, in particular the work of the technical department and the marketing department. Choosing EKR means flexibility and effectiveness.

Many companies in your industry have solved the product information management with the integrated PIM platform of EKR Orchestra; optimize your publications of catalogs and manuals.

Part of Ethica Consulting, EKR Orchestra deals with software development and services for companies. Combine enterprise-level management with more artisanal realities for unparalleled cross-media publishing.

Making the marketing department more effective and efficient in publications of catalogs, brochures and websites in language, will not be difficult with EKR’s PIM DAM CCMS.

Noticing errors only after printing a catalog involves considerable costs and is unprofessional; with the single source of truth it can be easily avoided; perfect catalogs with a PIM DAM CCMS.

With EKR Orchestra and its integrated Product Information Management it is possible to reduce the ambiguity of terminology in company technical documentation.

Improving the communication of product information is easy thanks to a Product Information Management: the answer is in the creation of a Knowledge Base.

Every marketing department knows how stressful it can be for information hunt and tight deadlines. With a EKR Orchestra, catalogs and brochures will no longer be a problem.

With EKR PIM you will avoid the waste that often involves catalog and web translations. Thanks to the Knowledge base of the information the terminology will be unique without repetitions and errors.

The EKR Orchestra method, thanks to PIM, allows to reduce the error hunting of the Marketing Department and to increase the efficiency in the translations of multilingual catalogs.

Optimize and manage the product information to avoid errors and ambiguities with a single Source of Truth that provides reusable and reliable data: efficiency in a few clicks.

Stop the hunt for information! With a Product Information Management software, the technical documentation and the technical manuals especially, will become a pleasure to create.

Does the technical office comply with the EU regulations on technical manuals? The technical documentation will always be precise and timely with the Product Information Management EKR.

To manage product information efficiently and facilitate the publication of technical documentation, a CCMS PIM cannot be missing in the technical office.

Unlike PLM, useful for building the product, the PIM – Product Information Management allows you to collect the product information at 360 ° in all media.

With the integration of the PIM of EKR Orchestra, Hybris will also be exploited for the creation of the catalog: use your e-commerce information for print publications.

Taking advantage of the great opportunities for B2B offered by the marketplace of Amazon by keeping the product information updated is easily possible using the PIM of EKR Orchestra

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