Produces refrigeration systems for sales specialising in display cabinets for pastry shops, bars and supermarkets



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ISA is an Italian company from Marche

Produces refrigeration systems for sales, specialising in display cases, of public premises. It can boast an extremely wide product offering, with which it covers many specialities and product types, thus creating highly configurable products to meet various needs and customer types.

Being part of the HVACR sector, he understands the importance of energy labels associated with products. Labels that he creates manually at the customer’s request.

With European legislation, things change. ISA has to contend with an increase in the creation of labels, realising them for the entire production of products. Thus, it starts manually entering all information on the portal and generating energy labels. In the long run, however, the labels increase and the obligation is extended. ISA is faced with a choice, and it is this choice that leads it to meet and collaborate with EKR and decide to adopt EKR ORCHESTRA, the All – in – One platform.

With EKR ORCHESTRA, it not only manages to structure the data and automatically produce the energy labels, but also manages to fit the very strict and precise logics of the whole breadth of products it has in house, differentiating by type, configurations, also considering the organisation of their products on the different brands and different production plants, full of particularities to be homogenised.

ISA, with EKR ORCHESTRA, can confidently and successfully overcome the challenges of European regulations, guaranteeing optimal and rapid fulfilment, while maintaining the precision and flexibility that has always differentiated it from other companies.


Production of refrigerated display cases and furnishings for public places

Scope of activity: international market

Ekr in this area


  • Ice Cream Showcases
  • Pastry shop windows
  • Chocolate Showcases
  • Blast Chillers, Cabinets and Laboratory Tables
  • Ice cream exhibitors
  • Frozen exhibitors
  • Fresh Products Exhibitors
  • Beverage exhibitors
  • Traditional Benches
  • Murals
  • Semi-Murals
  • Islands
  • Promo Islands
  • Combined exhibitors
  • Back counters
  • Smartflex
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