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De Rigo, is an Italian company in the HVACR sector.

Its products are commercially focused. Every HVACR product is mirrored by the energy label.

DE Rigo has always created Energy Labels manually, but with the new European legislation that has obliged refrigeration system manufacturers for commercial use, such as De Rigo, to enter all information into the ‘Eprel’ consultation portal and produce a label for each energy model, they realise that they have to take extra steps.

Thus he starts entering data into the Portal, manually. As time goes by, however, the labels increase and the obligation extends. This leads De Rigo to lengthen the implementation time, so he makes a decision, that of finding a platform that integrates with the company’s existing workflow and consequently changing his approach.

So De Rigo meets EKR.

By adopting the EKR ORCHESTRA platform, De Rigo is able to cope effectively and efficiently with European regulations. Thanks to EKR ORCHESTRA, all product information is optimally structured, so that as the product evolves and as new products are configured according to customer requirements, De rigo is able to get the energy label back in a short time. For each of the product variants that De Rigo creates, it develops the energy label in the Eprel portal.

With the EKR ORCHESTRA, De Rigo not only succeeds in creating the labels optimally, but also reduces the lead time, fulfilling and achieving its own expectations.


Commercial refrigeration

Scope of activity: international market

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