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manuals for use and maintenance of machines in different language variants

spare parts catalogs in different language variants

mold manuals in different language variants

management of machine edge software glossary

Said from you

Luca Zambon

Responsible for the technical documentation of Sipa Spa

First, everyone did their part with his instrument.

Someone wrote so many Word that then joined in Pdf

someone used FrameMaker

It was a difficult orchestra to harmonize. EKR was an incredible leap.

EKR was an incredible leap.

The initial impact was challenging.

A mountain of information arrived like an avalanche.

Then everything came back together like a puzzle

And at the end of the project came the satisfaction of doing things quickly and efficiently!

Just like climbing a 4000-meter mountain, teamwork is required:

we supported each other and everyone learned to do their job better.

If we didn’t have EKR Orchestra, today we would need many more people to achieve the same result.

And it would still be very difficult, with much higher costs and lower final quality.

The EKR team provides a lot of support

they are always available

One immediately gets along with the consultants and customer support.

We always feel well supported:

We call them at all hours of the day and quickly get the answer we need.

Marco then is an enthusiast:

he doesn’t just convey notions,

he fully explains what can be done with EKR Orchestra

Explains how he himself uses the program

he convinces you that you can go to the moon!

Switching to EKR was important:

the codified transposition of a verbal knowledge

like passing from the knowledge handed down orally by the wise to written laws.


Production of plastic containers and filling

Scope of activity: international market


  • Bottle production machines.
  • Monobloc filling.
  • Process.
  • Secondary packaging.
  • Complete lines.
  • Molds.
Ekr in this area
the Ekr products used
the Ekr services used

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