Thun is an Italian company of objects.

Sometimes unknown problems

Thun before EKR-PE was not familiar with the basic issues in catalog production.

Some fundamental aspects were underestimated, indispensable for the correct functioning of the entire workflow.

The data was even replicated and this only created confusion.

Their main need was to bring back all the work that was done outside.

The information had to be labeled and reordered with a structured logic for the creation of the catalog.

Furthermore, having the guarantee of an easy-to-use, immediate and flexible tool had become necessary for Thun.

A new start thanks to EKR-PIM

With EKR-PE, the novelty catalog and novelty price list are created that are needed for the presale of the season.

The EKR-PE environment is used for the publication of the paper catalog and the tablet catalog.

In Thun the new EKR connector technology has been introduced to SAP data so that pallets can be created automatically with updated data.

A possible future extension for the site will most likely be envisaged.

Management of all outputs with EKR-PE.

Correct data and organized workflow.

Immediate update of all product information.

Reduction of internal and external costs.



Scope of activity: international market

Ekr in this area


  • Objects for the house.
  • Wedding favors.
  • Women’s clothing and accessories.
  • Clothing and accessories for children.

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