What do you know about LEAN information?
Just as LEAN has eliminated intermediate warehouses, the flow of data must also be organized and streamlined so that information arrives in the right place at the right time.

Sharing and finding your data has never been easier! Because where information circulates, there are no traffic jams. EKR Pim-Portal is your way!

  • Quantify costs and benefits.

A mistake can cost you dearly, you know it well, right?

It is increasingly difficult to quantify the costs deriving from the presence of errors in the product information communicated; this is a relevant problem for your company not only in terms of budget and efficiency, but also for the image in the eyes of the customer.

  • A quality documentation.

Do you want to eliminate any possibility of incorrect communication?

Having a tool that guarantees the correctness of the product information you publish reduces the possibility of producing approximate documentation, instead guaranteeing you correct and reliable publications.

  • Efficient communication.

EKR Orchestra: precision and savings.

With EKR Orchestra you will have a platform that guarantees you the creation of precise and effective documentation. You will always communicate product information correctly and you will be able to identify all those harmful hidden costs by getting rid of them permanently.

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