Imagine the value of seamless integration between all systems and corporate knowledge bases
Interfacing with digital infrastructures: it has never been a problem. We have developed so many systems in our PIM platform that we no longer fear anything.

The technology, among the many on the market, must work without difficulty. EKR implements the programs that are already used by integrating them with the functions that the platform offers.

  • Interfacing with digital infrastructures.

Managing a large flow of information often becomes chaotic?

You probably already have the data in order within ERP management systems, but this alone is not enough. To optimize processes, it is essential that you can better organize and manage product data.

  • Manage product information.

How to organize the amount of data you have efficiently?

You need a platform that allows you to organize it not only flexibly, but that goes further: for you, being efficient is essential. A centralized database helps you manage product information as an ERP manages company data.

  • Integrated communication.

EKR Orchestra and the benefits of an ERP

Thanks to EKR Orchestra you will be able to take advantage of an integrated system that will allow you to benefit from the advantages of an ERP also in the creation of documentation and in the dissemination of product information.

Said from you

Massimiliano Tesser

Chief Information & Logistics Officer di Came Group Spa

I assisted and coordinated the introduction of EKR PIM in Came Group from day one.

It is not always an easy task. In Came Group EKR PIM is an interdepartmental project and therefore brings out the organizational complexity of each different department. He could drown at any time … but we’re doing it!

The key advantages of the system? First of all have a single repository ordered for all the info. Then, clearly define the names and surnames of the managers. Third, the updates: when a datum changes, it varies in any media.

In the initial phase there was also a review of the data structures, EKR PIM eliminated the duplication of some categories and caused the redefinition of others: the appetite comes with eating and we took the opportunity to improve our information !

After catalogs and manuals, we have extended EKR PIM to the web world. We are exploiting the advantages of an effective Product Information Management to turn ours into a real product site.

EKR PIM takes away the individual’s ownership on some business processes in favor of sharing, and for me it is a great advantage. If the person holding that piece of information is missing, the others cannot go on, you have to wait for them to come back from illness or holidays because the necessary data are in his hands. EKR PIM instead leads to work for the company, not for the individual.

I recommend EKR PIM as a solution for the single source of truth (the only source of correct information, D.R.R.) to those who have the desire and interest to really put order on the flow of information in the company, dividing it between the various managers.

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