What are you missing to grow your business and conquer new markets?
The product-market matrix is ​​no longer sufficient to ensure prospect for your business. Managing data has become necessary and must be guaranteed with professional methods.

The goal of each company is to become a leader in the sector, this can only happen through efficiency and correct inbound and outbound communication of its product.

  • Growth, communication and sharing.

How to grow your business?

To do this, you need to make your company and your product better known.

The more potential customers know you, the more people will choose you and the greater the growth of your business.

Your presence must be as widespread as possible: you must exploit the potential that technology makes available today, but the information that speaks about you must always be correct and complete.

  • Professionally govern data.

How to convey your assets to customers?

You know the value of your company well, you just have to be able to convey it in the best possible way.

Effectively enhancing the resources you have and the skills of your collaborators makes the internal and external communication of information more efficient, making your business grow.

  • Visibility and efficiency.

A transversal information management platform.

With EKR Orchestra many more people will know your company and its value; you will thus be more visible and present on the market with precise and timely information that will help you to be chosen by customers.

Said from you

Domenico Marinelli

Owner of Docutec Srl

EKR means a margin of error of almost zero, in addition to saving time.

Compared to the past, the technical documentation today has a very different value.

Machinery is increasingly complex, not only do I have to learn to use it well, but if I don’t write the right phrase someone gets hurt or ends up in court.
We make highly personalized technical maintenance and usage documents translated into at least 8 languages, but we also get up to 20. We used InDesign with very powerful scripts to try to automate a piece of work.

With EKR we manage a single master from which to derive everything, even with different graphic templates, is a very flexible tool.

We have learned to produce better content to be able to catalog well, optimize and recover data.
Writing better is a great advantage: the information must never be ambiguous but always clearly understandable.
We are a technical base, in Docutec we “force” the program and put it to the test: EKR is an open system, potentially without limits. For us it is a tool that allows you to do practically anything you want.

It is certainly complex: an entry level user if not placed in the correct manner takes fear, if maybe he worked in Word then … I think it is difficult to propose: we must not be scared and be predisposed to change.
I can say that we were born together with EKR: ours is a very family approach!

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