Both leaves and roots

HUB Parking’s editors take care of the product information as if it were a magnificent hair of leaves, to which to give each time the particular output form. To describe machines and software, the document department constantly modifies and updates texts and images, exactly as it would happen for the dense fronds of a constantly evolving tree.

The different publications are about to sprout, shining, and recall the whole commitment of the department. To change the text of a string, HUB must patiently prune each branch involved by hand. In spring hundreds of translations bloom, but they are already destined for the wind. The two pages to let bloom by the end of the month seem to be the only important thing, at that moment: then, inevitably, they pass.

Together with EKR, HUB Parking decides to shift its focus from the leaves of the publications towards the roots of a deep information management. If the product contents are organized and well buried at the base, in a flexible and centralized database, even the most sudden frosts can be overcome.

The company with EKR invests in a radical change that does not immediately give flourishing results. In addition to a lot of fertilizers measurable in ROI, it takes a much more valuable fertilizer, which the company fortunately owns: it serves perspective. Today, the integration of information and systems runs in HUB Parking like a secret lifeblood that returns time and value to the work of many people.

Because the strength of a tree is in its roots, regardless of how it looks.

Said from you

Gennaro Esposito

Head of Technical Documentation of HUB Parking Technology

I immediately saw in EKR a system to solve a lot of trouble!

At the company level it was a bit more difficult: often you could only see a tool that let you make the beautiful things with automatic layouts. And so the answer was “we don’t care about nice doodles, two lines are enough for me and I have to go out with my product”. EKR’s biggest difficulty is to pass on its value, work vision and its true return.

Some types of system benefits – such as reduced documentation release time or translation savings – are quite common. What do I like most about EKR actually? Since focusing on PIM and real information management, as well as document production, we have had tremendous advantages in areas that go far beyond publication.

When documenting a piece of software, the screen is cut out with a screenshot and described it.

So you should cut the image 20 times and then have the various contents translated into 20 different languages. The interfaces vary with a very high frequency: with each change, you have to do all the work over again! We were able to take a huge advantage both in terms of lead time and saving on translations. Now we intercept with EKR every text that the developers insert, we assign them a whole series of meanings, then it is sent directly to the translator who finds all the elements to translate but also to make a perfect localization. In addition, we change the images automatically. If we used to take 3 months just for the images, today we can do everything in 4 hours.

So what does EKR give me? It completely manages the information and does not make it useful only for the purposes of publication.

Although of course we also use it for those, because the same data is in every manual, and if the technician changes something, it is updated on all the documents, in the online help, everywhere. It is a use of the system that allows you to maximize profit, focusing on information and not just on the final output that could perhaps be the only value perceived within a company.

We have created an environment where the data is at the center and is available to all: a completely different vision, a whole other perspective. We do not think of the 2 pages to make by the end of the month, but of the value that this data is giving us. Unfortunately we often tend to look only at ROI and numbers: it is true that I have reduced translation costs by 75%, but it is not just that! It is all the time of people and the value of information that is lost, a critical aspect because it creates confusion in companies. EKR changes the way you think and gives value to the job.



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HUB Parking Technology is the leading specialist in parking solutions, growing continuously through constant improvement in the supply of proposals and technologies. The company is able to manage every parking need for hospitals, hotels, residential areas, shopping centers, local authorities, airports, schools, transport, construction, conferences and events, as well as customized solutions for other areas. HUB Parking Technology develops the best customized solution to meet the specific needs of different companies.


software technical documentation in 13 language variants

hardware peripheral manuals in 13 language variants

glossary management

product sheets

interactive web portal technical documentation – work in progress

technical documentation office


3 technical documentation office resources

1 resource abroad (Bulgaria) sporadically


centralized and unique management of information

focus on the value of the data, not on the final publication

shared content and always up to date on all media

advantages in terms of lead time and work procedures

savings and quality of language translations


Parking solutions

Scope of activity: international market


  • Parking systems.
  • Variable message panels.
  • CCTV.
  • Intercom systems.
  • Parking Guidance System.

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