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Paolo Cortesi

Special Products Manager of Camozzi Automation Spa

We chose EKR to create a web portal of our special products.

With 1200 catalog pages and over a hundred series of products, the possible configurations are practically endless. We work a lot personalizing the parameters of the starting product according to the demands of the single customer.

The commercial collects the order with a whole series of modifications. Before EKR, we jumped to the desk neighbor: guys we have never made a cylinder so but shorter, hollow, waterproof, stainless and green ?? It was really impossible to recover that variant. But above all it was difficult to keep salespeople informed!
With EKR we created an online database, used both by the technical office and by the sales force. The great result is being able to share information internally!

The technicians question the system and immediately find what has been achieved with certain characteristics, optimizing the new designs. Salespeople can spend a lot of knowledge from our customers, all our experience in the field!

So far I’ve added about a thousand special products, but the goal between made and projects is around 40,000 … Seen every single product can have up to 80 different information that characterize it … I can say that EKR is one functional tool to manage really huge amounts of data.


Solutions for Industrial Automation

Scope of activity: international market


  • Packaging.
  • Food & Beverage.
  • Plastic & Rubber.
  • Life Science.
  • Automotive.
  • Electronics Systems.
  • Textile Machinery.
  • Assembly & Robotics.
  • Wood Machinery.
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