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From rugged mountains to rolling hills

To draw up its complex technical manuals, Baltur daily climbs up difficult-to-manage mountain routes, packed with data and product information. As brave explorers, its editors have to untangle themselves among the tangles of the copy and paste in InDesign, being careful not to get lost.

Many useless variants of the same phrases are lurking like steep cliffs. You work on sight, one manual at a time: each new path is in its own right and is complicated to connect to others. To lay out and publish in complex and distant languages the company must rely on external guides, always ready and armed with invoices on invoices.

Together with EKR, Baltur decides to put down the explorer’s hat and moves his documentation office to the slope of a gentle hill. Finally the work horizon widens: you can see and build beyond the urgencies of today. Product information is optimized and aligned as orderly rows of vines, healthy and productive.

Translations into languages flow smoothly and calmly like streams that move the mills of the different types, always correct and up to date. Careful analysis and programmed content editing have replaced the confusion and dangers of inaccessible mountains. Baltur with EKR chooses to manage and cultivate the quality of its information on the most flourishing and reliable slopes.

Said from you

Luca Colesso

Baltur Spa Technical Documentation Manager

A few years ago it was difficult to have a structured congruence of the manuals.

Every manual written in InDesign lived its own life. It was difficult to manage the terminology on the different manuals: many times the same phrase was customized on the various documents by adding or removing, without it being so necessary.

Today when a new text is created there is a more comprehensive analysis, not limited to that moment: there is a structure that needs to be analyzed a little better. The phrase that can go well for a manual, for example, could be good for others, so it should be written in a somewhat more neutral form, trying to optimize information. EKR has certainly brought us a better rating than we write.

And rightly so, the system must lead to more structured terminology management.

We are no longer among the rugged mountains, we must follow flows and processes that must be thought of!

An important step? EKR allowed us the management of Arabic, both the layout and the publication, operations that previously we had to entrust externally. Today, on the other hand, we only give the translation outside, but we are able to paginate and publish internally in Arabic.

Then there are all the other languages: the system has certainly allowed us to improve in their management. It is not only a matter of time and autonomy, but also of savings. Today, translations are made only on sections of text that have not yet been translated, reducing time and costs.

EKR also helped us to improve the quality of the translations, because having an internal Baltur memory we have the possibility to do checks and research, working on quality without always referring to external studies.

This management leaves no regrets about what was abandoned, it is a system that I have analyzed and chosen for myself. After a careful evaluation, EKR seemed to me the most suitable system for our company. Their flexibility in the management of new problems is certainly a valid support in the future.



burners and boilers


For almost seventy years Baltur has been proposing and realizing intelligent solutions for heating, air conditioning and industrial and process applications, managing energy in a rational and effective way with respect for man and nature. Baltur is a reality present all over the world, a flexible and competitive company able to take care of international relations in a familiar way. A personal and attentive relationship with each customer, without ever neglecting the requests and peculiarities of each country.


500/600 technical manuals

in 10 language variants

customs data sheets (“passports”)

technical documentation office


1 internal resource of the technical office

2 external collaborators on an occasional basis


correct and organized contents in a single work environment

efficiency and flexibility of an integrated data platform

strong reduction in the time required to produce manuals

possibility to generate custom manuals also for each individual configuration

time and cost savings for language translations


Climate technologies

Scope of activity: international market


  • Air conditioners.
  • Modular boilers.
  • Solar Thermal.
  • Air treatment.
  • Burners.
  • Steel boilers.
  • Heat pumps.
  • Hot air generators.
  • Residential boilers.
  • Hot Water Generators.
  • Water coolers.

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