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Luca Colesso

Baltur Spa Technical Documentation Manager

A few years ago it was difficult to have a structured congruence of the manuals.

Every manual written in InDesign lived its own life. It was difficult to manage the terminology on the different manuals: many times the same phrase was customized on the various documents by adding or removing, without it being so necessary.

Today when a new text is created there is a more comprehensive analysis, not limited to that moment: there is a structure that needs to be analyzed a little better. The phrase that can go well for a manual, for example, could be good for others, so it should be written in a somewhat more neutral form, trying to optimize information. EKR has certainly brought us a better rating than we write.

And rightly so, the system must lead to more structured terminology management.

We are no longer among the rugged mountains, we must follow flows and processes that must be thought of!

An important step? EKR ORCHESTRA has allowed us to manage the Arabic, both the typesetting and the publication, operations that we previously had to outsource. Today, however, we only outsource the translation, but we are able to typeset and publish in Arabic internally.

Then there are all the other languages: the system has certainly allowed us to improve in their management. It is not only a matter of time and autonomy, but also of savings. Today, translations are made only on sections of text that have not yet been translated, reducing time and costs.

EKR ORCHESTRA has also helped us to improve the quality of translations, because having an internal Baltur memory we have the possibility to do checks and research, working on quality without always relying on external studies.

This management leaves no regrets about what you have abandoned, it is a system that I analysed and chose myself. After careful evaluation, EKR ORCHESTRA seemed to me to be the most suitable system for our company. Their flexibility in handling new issues is certainly a valuable support in the future.


Climate technologies

Scope of activity: international market


  • Air conditioners.
  • Modular boilers.
  • Solar Thermal.
  • Air treatment.
  • Burners.
  • Steel boilers.
  • Heat pumps.
  • Hot air generators.
  • Residential boilers.
  • Hot Water Generators.
  • Water coolers.
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