From hunting to breeding

Videotec is a hunter who struggles to find his way in the intricacy of excel and word scattered around the company. Correct information is a prey that is as precious as it is difficult to capture. The last updated value is a scrabbling around, elusive. Too many copy and paste shots are fired: impossible to aim. The oversight and manual error are always lurking.

Just stalking at dawn to catch the information you want. Enough interminable jokes to retrieve translations. Videotec finally stops hunting for the correct data in the forest of its business flows.

The company hangs the rifle on the nail and chooses EKR to carefully breed every single product indication. Thousands of information are tamed since birth in a dedicated and accessible place. They grow and change constantly, but always under control. Today Videotec manages data of every species and variety in a single healthy and prosperous herd.

A bit of nostalgia for hunting can still happen on a beautiful April afternoon. If you want to relive that thrill, Videotec no longer looks for the last corrected version of an excel, but launches itself in pursuit of a new customer.

Said from you

Andrea Martini,

Grafic Designer di Videotec Spa

At the beginning, chaos.

To make a catalog or a manual, you had to collect excel and word scattered everywhere. I call it file panic. A continuous hand copy and paste in Indesign, you lost pieces on the street, guaranteed mistakes.

Then we chose EKR. Marco seemed sure of what he was saying. And he was right: it works well, especially after switching to PIM. It is even more homogeneous and flexible!

At first we were perhaps frightened by the idea of ​​having to crumble all the information to insert it into the system for the first time. Then we formed, we understood and we became good. It takes his time, but it’s worth it.

An unexpected effect? We produce better information. The manuals are not only correct but have improved, the sentences are clearer, they are less misunderstood. EKR forced us to write better in order to communicate better … and save translations!

It is a very structured system: either you love it or you hate it. I am a fan. I love order. Mmmh maybe I’m a little maniac? However it is not for everyone, here.

EKR at full speed goes almost alone, we need very little assistance. But I sometimes write the same to Marco, maybe even suggest him some new function … (!!! n.d.R.)



video surveillance products


Since 1986 Videotec has been designing and manufacturing high quality products for the professional video surveillance market. Anticipating the ever-changing market, Videotec has focused on creating sophisticated products, increasingly integrated and technologically advanced, for monitoring in the most complex outdoor environments. Over the years a team of young managers has transformed a small company into one of the leading suppliers in the world of video surveillance.


technical manuals in X variants

marketing catalogs in Y languages

product technical data sheets

web site product navigation

marketing office

technical office

product manager


2 graphs

occasionally other 2 resources


only one system manages the info for all media (card + web + tablet)

I already said “ALL the media?”

precision and constant updating of data

time savings and translation costs

animalists support for interrupting the information hunt


Products for video surveillance

Scope of activity: international market


  • Integrated and self-managed positioning units
  • Explosion-proof products.
  • Stainless steel products.
  • Camera housings.
  • Pitch and telemetry.
  • Illuminators.
  • Digital video systems.
  • Video management and control.
  • Camera mounts.

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