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EKR-PIM in Arol: not just manuals

Arol had been producing manuals for years using a partially structured, very rigid environment that did not fully respond to the company’s publishing needs.

The company was using QuickSilver which was no longer state of the art and compatible with the XML format.

The previous system required the company to involve a small number of possible partners for translations.

On the part of the owners, there was a strong need to integrate all the knowledge of the product within a dynamic and extensible platform that went from the world of manuals to the world of marketing.


The first requirement was to create highly customized manuals for machines and manage the technical data sheets.

Each machine produced had a specific configuration and was the aggregate of many components and accessories, each of which characterized by a specific set of information.

Translation management had to be flexible and efficient.

The working method had to involve many people in the company with different roles, ranging from those who configured the machine, to those who did the description part up to those who managed the publication.

Solutions and benefits with EKR

Some concepts present in the previous platform have been reinvented to allow a complete management of manuals with conditionality.

Nowadays the dynamic elements within the document are used a lot, allowing to generate a customized manual for the single machine based on a configuration profile.

The articulated management of translations also involves all the parametric components in a complete and flexible way.

Benefits EKR-PIM

Specific manuals generated from 3 “Master” manuals.

Components of the manual filtered according to variables of the configurator used by the salesmen.

Generation of the custom manual for each single machine.

Manuals in different language variants.

Cross media publication.


Bottling machines

Scope of activity: international market

Ekr in this area


  • Capsuling machines for pre-threaded plastic caps.
  • Electronic capsuling machines for pre-threaded plastic capsules.
  • Capping machines for crown and ring-pull caps.
  • Caps and capsule feeding systems.
  • Capsule and cap washing systems.
  • Decappers for pre-threaded plastic caps.
the Ekr products used

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