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1100 technical manuals a year in 10 standard languages

customizable up to 24 language variants

online help of machine software in 10 standard languages

1000 product graphic technical sheets in 10 standard languages to describe customizations

Said from you

Andrea Borsetto

Head of Technical Documentation

Before EKR?

What was missing above all was the standardization and reuse of information

Now the information is standardized and highly reused.

If you have to write, you have a blank sheet in front of you and it’s hard to retrieve previous information

You can write whatever you want, and often invent unnecessary new phrases!

Over time, the writer uses a different form each time to say the same thing.

Other advantages certainly include the drastic reduction in translation costs and automatic page creation.

At the beginning, we really did a great, long, and meticulous job to create the entire structure.

Then the results arrived!

A bit like when you buy an empty warehouse

You start to install the machinery from scratch and everything else.

At the beginning, they all seem like lost expenses.

Then you start to produce, sell, and earn, and you get back even more:

the initial one was a good investment.

Change is difficult

It is necessary to overcome obstacles related to the usual ways of working with systems in “Word style”.

Like when someone comes to your house and makes you a proposal

The first response, even before understanding, is always no.

The real obstacle is being able to change one’s mind.

Usually, it is difficult for software providers to fully understand the particular needs of our company.

Marco is different: he is enthusiastic and always very helpful!


Auxiliary machines for the treatment of plastics.

A high-end product requires manuals at the highest levels!

Scope of activity: international market


  • Auxiliary machines for the treatment of plastics.
  • Feeding and transport.
  • Drying and Dehumidification.
  • Dosage.
  • Granulation.
  • Thermoregulation.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Analysis tools.
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