From magic to chemistry

It makes highly customized machines appear on the market, each with its own specific manual: everyone knows it, Piovan is a powerful wizard. Hundreds of personalized documents materialize from the steaming cauldron of his technical office. She knows how to say arcane translations in all languages. A beating heart of management and two pinches of pure experience: with a stroke of the wand it recalls information scattered throughout the company.

But the spells are unpredictable. A wrong formula, and the translated Word version vanishes forever. A moment of distraction and the FrameMaker evaporates with updated data. Intricate spells weigh on memory and sometimes it is less difficult to invent new ones. Piovan’s magic needs to become more reliable.

With EKR, he takes off his pointed hat and wears a white coat. Break down thousands of complex information according to its periodic table. Reuse the basic elements to synthesize any product indication. Piovan together with EKR becomes a first-rate chemist.

The electrons of the translations orbit obediently around the nuclei of the texts. Its technical manuals have coded and transmissible molecular structures. Product data reacts with specific formulas, and generates the exact desired compounds everywhere. Piovan now manages his information in a cutting-edge laboratory.

Said from you

Andrea Borsetto

Technical Documentation

Before EKR?
The standardization and reuse of information which is now mostly missing. If you have to write, you have a blank sheet in front of you and it is difficult to retrieve the previous information, you can write whatever you want, even invent! After some time, the writer uses a different form each time to say the same thing. Other advantages are the drastic abatement of translation costs and the automatic layout.

At the beginning we really did a great job, long and meticulous, to create the whole structure. Then the results arrived!

A bit like when you buy an empty shed, you start installing the machines from scratch and everything else. They all look like lost expenses: then you start producing, selling and earning, they come back even more: the initial one was a good investment.

Change is difficult, you need to break down the rocks related to the usual ways of working with systems in “Word style”. Like when someone comes to your house and makes you a proposal, the first answer even before you understand it is always no. The real obstacle is being able to change your mind.
Usually software providers find it difficult to fully understand the particular needs of our company. Marco is different: he is an enthusiast and is always very helpful!



machines for processing plastic materials


Piovan, with headquarters in Santa Maria di Sala (Ve), was founded in 1934 as a mechanical engineering company; in 1964 he entered the plastic industry and specialized in materials treatment technologies, in those for mold temperature control and in industrial refrigeration. Today, with 7 production plants in Italy, Germany, Brazil, China and the United States, 23 branches, a distribution network in 70 countries and around 1000 employees, has become an international group whose leadership is recognized worldwide.


1100 technical manuals a year in 10 standard languages

customizable up to 24 language variants

online help of machine software in 10 standard languages

100 product graphics cards in 10 standard languages

technical office


5 technical department manuals

1 resource abroad (Bulgaria) sporadically


standardization and re-use of technical information

flexible and hierarchically organized data structure

strong savings in translations

filtration and automated aggregation

because magic is unstable, chemistry is reliable


Auxiliary machines for the treatment of plastics.

A high-end product requires manuals at the highest levels!

Scope of activity: international market


  • Products
  • Feeding and transport.
  • Drying and Dehumidification.
  • Dosage.
  • Granulation.
  • Thermoregulation.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Analysis tools.

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