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we produce over 800 technical manuals a year

each manual has many versions

each manual is also translated into more than 20 language variants

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Domenico Marinelli

Owner of Docutec Srl

EKR Orchestra means a margin of error that’s almost zero, as well as time savings.

Compared to the past, the technical documentation today has a very different value.

Machinery is becoming increasingly complex.

Not only do I have to learn to use them well, but if I don’t write the right sentence, someone could get hurt.

A good manual helps to prevent injury and avoid ending up in court.

We create highly customized maintenance and usage technical documents.

We translate them into at least 8 languages.

Sometimes the number of languages exceeds 20.

We used InDesign with very aggressive scripts to try to automate part of the work.

With EKR Orchestra, we manage a single master from which everything is derived.

From the same master, we also manage different graphic templates.

It is a very flexible tool.

We have learned to produce better content in order to catalog well, optimize, and retrieve data.

Writing better is a great advantage:

information should never be ambiguous but always clearly understandable.

At Docutec, we have many internal technical skills, including software development.

Sometimes we push the platform to its limits and put it to the test:

EKR Orchestra is an open system, potentially limitless.

For us, it’s a tool that allows you to do pretty much anything you want.

It is definitely complex:

a basic user, if not properly guided, becomes afraid

Someone who previously used Word in an unstructured way needs good training

It’s not easy to propose EKR Orchestra to those who don’t know it

It’s not a change of tools, but a new way of thinking and working.

one should not be frightened but be predisposed to change.

I can say that we were born together with EKR:

With the EKR team, we’re a bit like a family!


Solutions for the drafting, creation and management of technical manuals

Scope of activity: international market


  • Technical documentation.
  • Technical manual design.
  • Translations.
  • Support and Advice.
  • Software and Training.
  • Print.
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